The Book

About Doc Christmas - The NovelSet in the present day where Christmas deliveries are handled through the world’s railways and model trains, elves are more technically advanced than people and where magic and science coexist in perfect harmony. Doc Christmas tells the tale of Doctor Archibald Stevens’ journey from reclusive hermit to Christmas savior and all the fantastic discoveries he makes along the way.

Doc Christmas is a story about a man who has lost his joy for his family, for Christmas, and for most everything else in his life. The only thing that matters to him since his wife passed away is his work. His unfettered focus has made him into a world-renowned specialist in rare infectious diseases. This fact has just become very important to Nick, who now desperately needs the Doc’s help in curing an epidemic that is raging through the elven population of the North Pole.

While Doc may have the medical knowledge to help the elves, finding out that elves are tiny – about 5/8 of an inch tall – may present an insurmountable challenge. Unless Nick and the Doc’s family can help him rekindle his beliefs in the magic of Christmas -and- in the magic of trains… the two things that will be required if he’s going to get to the right size to save Christmas. Even then, they must go further, until they discover first hand the real reason that there is a train around the tree at Christmas time.

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