Send your reviews here as you like, but please... Also on Goodreads!
Send your reviews here if you like, but if you please… Also post them on Goodreads!

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Some Doc Christmas reviews…

“Neil has created a story that extends beyond Christmas and brings magic to every single day. This book will be a much-loved part of my Christmas library from now on.” 5 Stars! -Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite.

“If you think all of the best Christmas stories have been told, then you haven’t read Doc Christmas!” -Patrick Nichol, Goodreads: 5 Stars!

“Doc Christmas is a refreshing, magical new read for the holidays. It is testament to the power of family and love to transform even the most jaded heart. Dr. Stevens has been steeped in grief and isolation since the passing of his wife. His heart needs more than what the mundane world can offer. Only Mr. Clause and the wonder of Christmas can save him.
Mr. Enock weaves holiday traditions with his love of trains to create this new Christmas classic. He creates a realistically rendered setting of toy trains with a magical twist. Doc Stevens experiences a startling revelation about his trains that launch him and his family into an adventure at the North Pole. In this heartfelt story, Enock has developed a rich array of characters, futuristic devices and the famous elf drink, Cocoa 47.
This delightful new book unleashes the magic of Christmas in a contemporary fashion that is sure to delight both young and old alike. Be sure to have a copy under your tree.
(Just for fun)
Cocoa 47
1 tsp. cocoa or hot chocolate powder
1 cup hot water or milk
1 pinch of snow from the North Pole (sugar or sweetener)
1 pinch of reindeer dust (cinnamon)
Pour into a festive mug that you can hold with both hands.
Breathe deeply and experience the magic.”

Rev. K. Freeman


“I LOVED this book. I was drawn into the magic of the miniature world(s) of trains and tiny people (elves) and christmas magic and St. Nick without seeing the now ‘plastic’ image of Santa Clause in his media-driven red persona. I found the descriptions easily sparked the images of the adventure and got deeply involved in the heartfelt story of lost, and regained, love and Magic. I especially like that it wasn’t that hard to find, really 🙂 <3 Thank you Neil Enock. Very entertaining.”

Sherri Dahl, Actress, Regional Director


“Just read Doc Christmas. What an enjoyable read!  Young teens through adults will enjoy this story about rediscovering the magic that lives in all of us that we sometimes forget Is there.”

Mary, Nurse


“If you’re looking for a captivating and heart-warming festive story with an unusual twist this book is just what the doctor ordered. With an intriguing plot, fascinating characters, and inspiration drawn from the wonderful world of trains, Doc Christmas truly captures the magic of the Christmas season. For a great story for children and adults of all ages Doc Christmas is just the ticket.”

Simon Rose,  Children’s Book Author,  Literary Instructor


“I’m only a few chapters in and totally absorbed . It’s refreshing to read a story that can spark the imagination and put a lump to your throat so easily.”

Vern Wutzke, Film Producer, Director


“A Christmas classic for the whole family.

TJ Anderson, former Mrs. Calgary, Realtor


“Kids are going to love this!”

David Audley, Model Railroader, Railfan