World of Doc Christmas

Doc Christmas is set in the present day, which means it takes place just around the corner from wherever you are.  There are a couple of things that are important about the story and I will try and give you a heads-up here without any spoilers…

Trains Deliver Christmas

Seems that since the industrial revolution, the world got a bit too big for just a sleigh and reindeer.  You won’t believe HOW they are used, but trust me when I tell you there is a good reason that is a train around so many Christmas trees!

TrainUnderTree ModelTrain RidingTrain FullScaleTrain














The Elves figured out technology really quickly.  In fact – they are way better at it than we are!  The book features a few things that they have come up with that will likely make Apple and others slightly  jealous.

EyralinProtoypes Cocoa47prototype






These are prototypes, you will have to read the book or wait for the movie to see what they do…

– Neil