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The 12 Trains of Christmas:

Select Scenes Requiring Train / Model Train Locations:

Reading the book will give you a better understanding of the nature of each scene. Remember that some model pieces will have to be built and some full scale pieces will have to be made up to look like ‘giant model pieces’ for the actors to walk around. For right now, it would be great if you can take photos of your ideas – especially now while they are lit up for Christmas (Where needed).

  1. Opening Scene: An old passenger car parked next to an old station. Can be in disrepair as if abandoned.  Need full scale and a matching model. Full scale must be in an area where all the lights can be turned off.
  2. Doc’s Train Layout: A multi-scene, multi-cultural model train layout. Read the book for specifics, although details may vary for the movie. Will be able to use multiple layouts to achieve the effect.
  3. Oops – need to have the frozen pond w/steam train scene in here!
  4. Model Train Christmas Town: A model of a holiday decorated small town with a riding train around a giant tree in the town square square. This will have to be recreated in a full scale version of the model.
  5. Train Station & ‘Holiday Train’: A standard train station, prefer with indoor tracks, with a passenger train.  The train will need to be lighted in the special way that Nick turns any train into a Christmas Train. Also need scenes on the train car.
  6. The Hub building at the North Pole:  A massive railway station – the biggest in the world.  Domed roof, multiple tracks directly below the dome.  Don’t know if this exists, may have to build it or worse, do VFX to achieve it.
  7. Quonset Hut: A large 1940’s? steel quonset hub with a passenger car next to a train platform in it.  This will play as part of an abandoned Military base at the North Pole that is an unlikely train station – very frozen.
  8. The North Pole: Most likely a visual composition of multiple model train layouts, we will probably have to VFX this scene in the endless cavern that is the North Pole. Specific scenes at parts of the North Pole will have to be taken at various train layouts and full scale train locations.
  9. Runaway Steam Train: There is a runaway steam train at the north pole that Nick has to bring under control. This runs through the countryside during the chase, so it must have some countryside to run through.
  10. Mall with Riding Train at Christmas Time: We will need a regular mall done up with a Santa’s Village and riding train that runs around it.
  11. Holiday Dinner Train: One special scene takes place that needs a train full of rail fans on a Christmas Dinner Cruise.  It would be great if there was an observation car at the end of the train.
  12. Present Delivery Waystations: Multiple Locations! All over the world presents are delivered through trains.  The first stop as the trains leave the hub are local way station trains. These can be parked mainline trains, tourist trains or even abandoned trains. Or…  the Flying Scotsman, or… well you get the picture.
  13. Present Delivery Model Destinations: From the way stations, presents fan out to model layouts, christmas tree trains, ornaments and every kind of train imaginable. Think small and think big. How cool would it be if we could shoot a delivery scene on Rod Stewart’s model train layout.

Again – read the book for details, but what is in the book can be changed or expanded as needed as we move to the movie world.

Please  send any material, pics, videos and links to me at with the scene number you think it might work for. If you want your material to remain confidential, please just let me know.  I don’t intend to share anything unless it is for the marketing and promotion of the story and movie and I will ask for permission before including anything.

An Introduction to Doc Christmas

For all my TrainTalk.TV fans, and the clubs and railroads that we list on the site:

If there was a story where trains everywhere were the delivery method for Christmas, would you want to know about it before anyone else?

If the story was strong enough that it could attract new people to the world of trains, kids and adults, would you want to share it?

If that same story was something that was going to be made into a movie and might be able to feature YOUR trains, would you want to hear more?

If so, then I hope you have heard about my new book, Doc Christmas. Some are calling it ‘the Ultimate Story about Trains at Christmas’.

A Bit About the Story: (More at

A touching Christmas tale of a bitter railfan’s journey from reclusive hermit to holiday saviour. It is set in the present day where trains bring Christmas from the North Pole, through railyards and trains of all types right to the train under the Christmas tree.

The story takes place on model railroads, riding trains, steam and tourist trains and even mainline railroads. The final scenes in the book happen on trains all over the world, (as one might expect from a Christmas tale.) It is my hope that the fact that this all happens on trains might inspire a new generation of railfans and modellers.

In the next few years Doc Christmas will be made into a movie. How big a movie will depend both on how good the story is and how well it is known. Dean Cundy, The Director of Photography for the first Jurassic Park and Back to the Future Films as well as ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ has told me he’d like to shoot it… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So What Can You Do?…

You are listed in my TrainTalk.TV database as a contact for a train organization, hobby shop or club. If you are interested, there are a few ways that you can help Doc Christmas and a few ways that Doc Christmas may be able to help you!

Spread the Word.

If you have a newsletter or facebook page, it would be great if you could include something about the book, and while I don’t have enough books to send one to each and every one of my traintalk contacts, if you do need a copy to review before writing it up, I will send you one. Here is the link to a press release: Synopsis and bio materials are linked below.

Buy the Book. (Read the Book)

You will get a first hand look at the book, the story, and can help shape how we proceeed to a movie and let me know how the story can work for your group. It’s hard cover only, $24.99, and I will pay the shipping to you. Here’s a buy link on my Hardware website:

Sell the Book. (And make Money)

Because Doc Christmas is self-published this year, If you have a gift shop, Christmas show or other venue to sell the book, I can offer you a full keystone markup, (buy for 12.49, sell for 24.99), and I will also pay the freight cost to you (for 6 copies or more, anywhere in North America). I’m also looking for someone to be a central shipping location in the UK – let me know if you are interested! eMail me for details:

Help the Location Search. (Feature your Railroad)

We will be looking for several specific scenes on model railroads. Scenes on and of several full scale trains, and will need least one steam train for the film. If you have trains, locations or model scenes that might match the list on our hidden page on the website, please take a picture or video, preferably in winter and/or Christmas regalia. You can get a better idea of the scene and it’s use by reading the book itself, but there is a list of some here:

Join our Doc Christmas Advance Team. (As we build a Movie)

I’ve set up a mailing list to keep in touch about the book and the journey to the movie. I have this crazy plan that when we launch the movie, Premiers could by held by all the train clubs and groups on the Wednesday, prior to the public opening on the Friday. Like I said, a crazy plan. Anyway you can join the mailing list here and together we’ll see how it goes:

How About A New Christmas Train Ride? (Spoiler Alert)

Well, There is no ride yet, but there is an important scene in the story, when Nick steps up onto a passenger train and holiday lights magically appear and run the length of the train. The same thing will need to happen on model trains as well. If you have something that would work for this, we’d love to see it and maybe put it into action next season.

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