Doc Christmas Launch Weekend Hailed a Success


An incredible turn out at the launch party on Saturday was followed by the selling out of the first shipment to the Indigo Signal Hill Store the next day. (Don’t worry, we’ve restocked them!)

The best thing about the launch party was the number of kids that came out with their parents. Since the books arrived a bit early, some of them have had reading the book on their own and some have been reading it with the families, but they all really seemed to like it!


The story repeated itself at the signing on Sunday. Young readers impressed me by saying hi, then reading a bit of the book, before going and asking their parents if they could get it.

I can wait to get some feedback from the younger readers when they finish the story!

All in all we sold more than I’d imagined and with the shipping dozens of review copies out since, we’re hoping that the book does really well!

There are lots more pictures of both events on the Doc Christmas Facebook Page: #DocChristmas