TrainTalk.TV and Doc Christmas Attend Spring ATRRM Conference

Rikki Puz, Steam Engineer, Wins the Railroad Cribbage Board Draw!
Rikki Puz, Steam Engineer, Wins the Railroad Cribbage Board Draw!

A couple of weekends ago I finally got to meet some of the wonderful people who run some of the great railroads whose events we’ve been carrying on TrainTalk.TV for the past 6 years.

The Spring Conference of the Association of Tourist Railroads and Railroad museums was held in Golden Colorado April 14 & 15 and hosted by the Colorado Railroad Museum. The twice yearly ATRRM conferences are a gathering for these organizations to share ideas, stories and successes to help each other keep their railroads rolling along smoothly and safely.



Though a regular feature at the fall conference, this year’s spring conference included vendor tables so TrainTalk and Doc Christmas took one together to discuss the reboot of TrainTalk.TV and to introduce the members to the story of Doc Christmas. I’m happy to say, most people seemed to like the idea of the story and picked up a copy of the book.



Some people couldn’t wait and started reading right away.  I didn’t hear how he liked the ending, but he was well into the story by the time I left on Thursday. I have since heard from several others at the show that have read the story.  They are all positive reviews and I will share some of them with TrainTalk viewers in time.


Because of the Supertrain show and other commitments, I was unable to attend any of the other conference events or even meet all the people there.  I’m embarrassed to say I never even made it to the Colorado Railroad Museum for a tour I do hope they will have me back sometime for a tour.

I met some very interesting people at the show, including the winner of our draw, Rikki Puz. A qualified Steam Engineer, Rikki is a incredible lady andI hope we can do a story on her one day soon.  She is also the Youth Coordinator for the ATRRM and probably the perfect role model for young people looking to get involved with Steam Railroading and preservation.


I was rather disappointed to hear that management at Heritage Park in my home town of Calgary had turned down hosting the fall conference. But, if my fall schedule of Doc Christmas book signing permit, I will attend the larger ATTRM conference in Georgia in November and will be sure to allow time to take in some local attractions for TrainTalk.TV viewers.